Angel "Sponsors"

Global and national leaders

Angel "sponsors" are world or national leaders, individuals, companies or organizations of any type that help to build a much better world for all.

“genioux facts”, the online program on "Mastering The Big Picture of the Digital Age” is, so far, in Beta.

You become a "sponsor" of "genioux facts" by purchasing "golden knowledge blocks" with which we will pave the high-speed digital highway "GKPath" that helps everyone achieve greatness, in their own unique style.

With every "golden knowledge block" you buy you get a link to share with the world:

  • Your “genioux facts” or

  • Your proposal to make a better world for all or

  • Your products and services to make a better world for everyone or

  • Your legacy to humanity.

Angel sponsors purchase "golden knowledge blocks" when they want.

We keep up to date the list of "golden knowledge blocks" sold ordered by date of purchase.