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Relevant knowledge facts as a fundamental basis to build a better world for all in the Digital Age


The Digital Age as a source of disruptions that are transforming the world makes a holistic vision extraordinarily necessary to fully understand its challenges, opportunities and risks for individuals, businesses, organizations of any kind and for peoples, cities, states, and countries.

Every day we live an explosion of new golden knowledge in emerging technologies (e.g., AI, 5G, Robotics, Automation, IoT) and in multidisciplinary knowledge (e.g., Leadership, management, strategy, innovation, creativity, teamwork, organizational culture, marketing, resilience, uncertainty, disruptions, business models, supply chains, customer management) that best exploits those technologies and knowledge in general.

The program explores the solutions of how to create a much better world with benefits for all in the Digital Age.

In this long-life free online program, researcher, professor and entrepreneur Fernando Machuca (PhD in computer science) and his team examine the state of the art of “The Big Picture of the Digital Age” daily to deduce, extract and produce the essential blocks of executive knowledge (that is to say, the “genioux facts”) that allow to dominate this complex and wholistic big picture.

The focus of this program is dual on transferring essential Golden Knowledge (GK) and teaching people to think.

"genioux facts" builds The Golden Knowledge Path (GKPath) digital highway to accelerate everyone's success in the digital age.

The "genioux facts" are Bombshell Knowledge, Breaking Knowledge or Viral Knowledge (i.e., VIRAL KNOWLEDGE: The “genioux facts” knowledge news).

“genioux facts” is a programme of Genioux.com Corporation, gnxc.com.

The program is described as a "genioux fact".

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The Featured "genioux facts"

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  • Your brain, nourished with essential golden knowledge, triggers your growth without limits.

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  • The current story of the big picture of the digital age has knowledge as a compass.

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  • Efforts to lead digital transformation are unlikely to be effective without a leader’s own affective digital transformation — one that makes purpose, engagement, and fairness as important to workplace success as data-driven agility and productivity.

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  • Most of the AI deployed today, while novel and impressive, still falls under a category of “specialized AI.”

  • Artificial general intelligence (AGI), the idea of a truly artificial human-like brain, remains a topic of deep research interest but a goal that experts agree is far in the future.

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  • Searches for The Big Picture of The Digital Age on January 29, 2021 on the three best search engines (i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo) have only “genioux facts” at the intersection of results.

The 10 most popular "genioux facts"

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The Big Picture of the Digital Age can be synthesized with respect to the new knowledge that is produced as a simple but precious short story.

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The process that the genioux knowledge extractor follows to produce a "genioux fact" is primarily bottom-up.

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  • It is incredible. This new gold could be found for free.

  • The cost of mining exceptional gold knowledge mines such as MIT SMR, HBR or S+B is very low.

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In this wonderful digital age, there is an extraordinary abundance of exquisite fruits of multi-disciplinary, technological, golden knowledge, available to you within the reach of a click.

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Most of the AI deployed today, while novel and impressive, still falls under a category of “specialized AI.”

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Three years ago, robots, artificial intelligence (AI), and self-driving cars seemed to be coming fast. A widely cited study projected nearly half of all jobs in industrialized countries could soon be performed by robots or AI.

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From edge AI, 5G and automated artificial intelligence, to rising momentum for next-gen talent management and technology supporting sustainability, these are the tech trends that gained power in 2020.

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The field of behavioral economics, led by social psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, has identified a number of cognitive biases that affect decision-making — usually in a negative way.

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What will it take to innovate and compete over the next decade?

These articles examine some of the biggest challenges companies will face, such as building the future workforce and identifying tomorrow’s disrupters.

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To keep pace with change and avoid disruption, business leaders must become what we call infinite learners—those who not only enjoy learning but feel a constant need to acquire new skills.

The genioux facts are classified into five categories:

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