the "genioux facts"

Essential knowledge extractor to build a better world

Relevant knowledge facts as a fundamental basis to build a better world for all in the Digital Age

The "genioux facts" form the fundamental basis to build a better world for all in the Digital Age.

The thinking to produce the genioux facts is on a plane outside of where the problems have been created.

The genioux facts are free of biases, any struggle of powers, of political polarization, of complex interests, and fear.

The value of the innovation of the genioux facts:

1. Fuel your growth with essential knowledge that facilitates your learning process; brings more relevant insights to improve the quality and speed of your thinking; helps you hone your thinking skills; enriches you and therefore makes you smarter; and accumulates knowledge that could grow exponentially.

2. Empower people, companies, organizations of any kind, countries and cities, to build a much better world for everyone in the Digital Era.

3. Feed the knowledge space where everyone's slices of genius can be unleashed and harnessed and turned into works of collective genius.

4. Allow people and organizations to WIN THE CROSS-CUTTING CHALLENGES we face: 1) Building a new, better and sustainable world for all; 2) Unlimited growth in the Digital Age; and 3) Solutions to the risk of coronavirus and other viruses.

5. Pinpoint the most relevant real and false problems on earth.

6. Mark out the opportunities (e.g., disrupt), challenges (e.g., get your best Digital Transformation) and risks (e.g., be disrupted) of the Digital Age.

7. Trace the fundamental facts of the state of the art of the Digital Age, about emerging technologies and science.

8. Teach about the new paradigm (e.g., the need for life-long learning) in the Digital Era and open the way to reinvent yourself.

9. Enable the growth of each one as a unique leader.

10. Increase all the intelligences (e.g., general, spiritual, emotional, social, and human-machine intelligences).

Empowering people, businesses, organizations, countries and cities to build a much better world for all in the Digital Era

The genioux facts are classified into four categories:

  1. A new, better world for everyone

2. The Big Picture of the Digital Era

3. The Big Picture of Sports

4. Coronavirus and other virus

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